Amanda Hanna

I found yoga, or yoga found me, in 2001. It was a small yet authentic studio in Calgary, Canada, and I fell in love after my first class. I practiced constantly, trying out different styles and teachers to discover what best suited where I was in my life at the time. It seemed that the hot, sweaty, power classes were what I was drawn to in the beginning. I was fueling my already firey self and way of life. I learnt very quickly, and the hard way, that you cannot burn a candle at both ends. I was working in a fast paced, demanding industry and giving my absolute all to everything I did. Gradually, I become more and more burnt out and unwell.


This led me to the slower, more restorative styles as I realized I needed to nourish and heal myself. When I discovered the truly therapeutic and healing capacity of the practice of yoga, mindfulness and meditation I was completely blown away. I knew then that this was something I needed to dive into head first. I went back to school to study nutrition and I decided it was time to deepen my practice and understanding of yoga by enrolling in a teacher training for my own knowledge and experience. This brought me all the way to Mysore, India to a humbly beautiful ashram, where I completed the RYT-200 training to become a certified Hatha yoga instructor. I had been practicing various styles of yoga for so many years yet knew so little, I needed to learn the art and true meaning of yoga where it all started. What I got out of that experience was more than I ever could have hoped for.


I have since furthered that knowledge and expertise by studying Yin yoga intensively by taking 150 hours of further training since 2015. With over 12 years of experience and training in anatomy, fascial release and manipulation, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and brain function as well as nutrition, I have built my offerings in order to provide a well-rounded and whole-istic approach to health and wellbeing of the body, mind and spirit.


I’ve now started the next part of my journey: sharing my passion for yoga, delicious, wholesome foods and other creative ways of being healthy with people who are also on their path to a better life. I’m taking the love, light and spirit of what I have learned off my mat and into the world to genuinely help those around me.

Be well & Live loud,






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