Becky Khalil

Becky Khalil is the founder, director and CEO of Shanti Atma Yoga. She is an ERYT 500 certified yoga teacher trainer who specialises in Yin Yoga and fascial studies.

Becky started teaching yoga on a rooftop in Guatemala as part of a women’s yoga collective while working in international development.  After several years of working in development and yoga tourism in Latin America and Asia, she resided in India for 1.5 years where she trained students on 200 & 300 Hour courses and specialist Yin Yoga courses. Becky now trains and mentors students all over the world in Yin Yoga and Yoga Related Continuing Education Programs in Europe, Asia, Australasia and Latin America.   


Becky's profound interest in the Eastern tradition and Western science of the body, fused with the functional approach to yoga and body movement is integrated with her experience of 5+ vipassana meditation courses, weaving together the 5 dimensions of the body. This has driven her to teach and train students in yoga, anatomy, myo-fascial release, Chinese medicine, Buddhism, Dharma, mindfulness and aromatherapy.


Vision of Shanti Atma Yoga: To positively contribute authentic, safe and educational yin yoga teacher training courses to the international yoga teacher and yoga teacher training community worldwide.

Keeping all content authentic, truthful and honouring the tradition of yoga is the fundamental foundation of this yoga school.  

Shanti Atma Yoga prides itself on a high quality of Yin Yoga education and training and is dedicated to authentic, honest and truthful teacher training courses.





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